Torsion Spring: Rusty Surfboards

Torsion Spring: Feel the Difference

The Torsion Spring technology is about flex and spring. That was the mantra we had in mind for the last 2 years working to reach it. It makes you surf better, period. The developing of a special Kevlar/carbon tape created the right flex, compensating the lack of a center stringer, resulting in less snapping the board in half, because it flexes. Center stringer divides the board in half, not allowing one rail to communicate to another. When the board is turning/carving it is under a lot of pressure under the surfer’s feet, so the whole board flexes, both the inside and the outside rail, the one flexing and torsioning the most will communicate to the other rail how much to flex and torsion.

R Dot Torsion Spring from Paul Brandlin on Vimeo.